Helping you feel more secure and at ease

We provide a range of services in-house ranging including counter-surveillance, bug & tracker locating as well as digital protection. We also partner with the best personal & corporate security companies in the UK to provide protection & body-guard services.

We have chosen companies to team up with that are the best at what they do and coupled with our detectives and technologies offer a service not to be beaten. Our protection services use skilled professionals with years of experience in the field, from a range of backgrounds to suit any situation.

One of our specialities is dealing with sensitive cases such as fear of theft, physical harm, intimidation, blackmail & extortion, sabotage, embarrassment, or product contamination. We take each and every case extremely seriously - and provide solutions to provide you with complete piece of mind. We take care of everything, so you can get on with your life.

Why Conan?

We are able to serve companies and individuals alike. We have agents in our network who are ex-military, ex-secret service, and ex-journalists who in their time have come across every possible situation. They know the best way to handle a situation, and our technical experts know all the tricks used to spy on your data.

For more information please get in contact to see if we can help.

We are data protection registered, Fully Insured and are members of several Private Investigator Associations.